Education Services

After School Program

Our After School Academy focuses on closing the academic achievement gap and increasing access to higher education by providing students in grades K – 12 in the Hanna-Creighton neighborhood the tools and information needed to succeed in school and life. Our students are mostly minorities and from low- income homes; more likely having started their education academically behind and consequently, underrepresented in higher level course work.

The After School Academy provides homework help, tutoring, computer instruction, skills assessment, life skill development, college preparedness, leadership training and mentorship opportunities for grades K – 12. The benefits of participating in the After School Academy include improved reading and math outcomes, improved classroom behavior, improved study habits, hands-on science and technology learning, and increased involvement of parents in supporting their child(ren)’s education.

The After School Academy also provides a college preparedness program, Project Ready, for student in grades 6 – 12. Project Ready is a research- based National Urban League curriculum which provides for academic assistance, college planning, career awareness, college trips and scholarship assistance and intensive education case management to keep youth on a track for college.

The Education and Youth Services Department offer the After School Academy throughout the school year and an eight-week Summer Academy for students entering grades 1 – 12 to ensure that the gains and opportunities for academic enrichments continue on a year-round basis.

In addition, the community benefits by having quality after school academic programming for minority and low-income youth from our highest poverty neighborhoods in Allen County. As a result, the community benefits from having more minority and low-income youth who will be college and career ready. Currently, too many minority and low-income youth are not prepared for college. In order for our increasingly diverse community to be economically competitive, we must ensure that all students can achieve to high standards and are prepared for 21st Century careers.

2016-2017, the Fort Wayne Urban League provided activities, for 427 youth, ages 6-18 with average attendance of 104 a day.  307 were enrolled  in Project Ready Program, our college readiness initiative with 100% enrolled with the individual plan.  We inducted 55 high achieving youth in National Achievers Society, a scholars society of the National Urban League.


Are you a 21st Century Scholar? The 21st Century Scholars program is no longer providing college readiness programming including tutoring, college trips and college planning counseling. Students are encouraged to utilize community programs like Project Ready. Click Here To Apply for 21st Century Scholars


Read and Rise Program

The Read and Rise program provides low-income families with the skills needed to help young children develop early literacy skills. Our program includes activities that stimulate brain development, mentoring to parents, and books to build home libraries, all of which are aimed at preparing students to enter Kindergarten ready to learn, and preparing parents to be lifelong teachers. Because our target population is typically not enrolled in early childhood programs, these children are at greater risk of failing in school and facing lifelong social and economic challenges. At-risk children who do not receive a high-quality early childhood education are:

25% more likely to drop out of school 40% more likely to become a teen parent

50% more likely to be placed in special education 60% more likely to never attend college

70% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime (source: Ounce of Prevention)

Read and Rise has been providing emergent literacy services for approximately 10 years. Our long-term goal is that children enter school ready to learn. Our intermediate goal is that parents create literacy rich routines in the home and that they understand the importance of early literacy development. Another goal is that children are on track developmentally. The Read and Rise program operates using six outcome measurements:

1.  Parents gain awareness of the importance of their role in fostering early learning.

2.  Parents gain knowledge of skills, techniques and strategies to foster early learning.

3.  Parents gain confidence in their ability to positively influence the development of early learning.

4.  Parents view reading with their child(ren) as an enjoyable activity. 5.Parents create structure and routines in the home to foster early learning. 6.Children will remain on track developmentally (based on the Parents as Teachers developmental milestone schedule).

In our last fiscal year we provided 160 families  with the Read and Rise program and served 253 children, 413 home visits and 80 group sessions with families.

The pre and post test result showed  that 95%  of them have improved  in their parenting skills and 89% of the children demonstrated mastered the necessary skills to be ready to read.